V7 L23600WHS-9N ICC Profile

By Colin Wallace
May 03, 2017 (last revised May 10, 2017)

Back when I was on a tighter budget I bought a cheap display by V7 (or "Vseven"). For the price, it's actually pretty decent. But unsurprisingly it looks washed out and the blue is overemphasized. This can mostly be corrected in software if you know the true response of the display, but the vendor does not provide that info, nor do any 3rd parties.

But today I made these measurements myself and I'm publishing the color profile here! You can add this file to most desktop environments, or color-sensitive applications like Photoshop, to get more accurate color reproduction (the display looks MUCH better).

I made these measurements using a Colorimeter, specifically the Colormunki Display. Ironically, it set me back more than the actual display. The measurements were made with the display at stock settings, except for the brightness bumped to 100%, and with just a little bit of light leaking in through the blinds. To make the ICC profile, I followed the instructions on the ArchLinux Wiki. I'm told displays change significantly as they age, and there's even measurable variance between panels of the same model, so YMMV using the profile calibrated to my display (though I expect it will still be better than stock).