About this Website

MOOOOO.ooo is the home of most of my side projects that I find suitable for sharing. It also contains solutions to problems that I was unable to previously find information for online. The focus of these topics is primarily computing and engineering.

The website is presently hosted on a Raspberry Pi, and mirrored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) - a peer-to-peer technology that aims to decentralize the web while simultaneously making it faster, safer and more permanent. In the event that the domain name expires or becomes inaccessible, the website may be loaded through the IPFS portal via this link.

About the Owner

My name is Colin. I was introduced to the world of engineering in my youth, and it's ensnared me ever since. My interests have taken me from building video games, to synthesizers, to mechanical computers, to 3d printers, to fiber optic testers, to networked file systems, and hopefully more places in time. Outside of engineering, my interests are unexceptional save for an obsession with rhythm games. Message me if you want an introduction to Seattle's underground arcade scene :-) Or for any other matter, at that. My email can be found at the bottom of this page.

Some notable projects to which I have contributed include:

License / Attributions

Unless otherwise specified, everything on this website is public domain. That includes all the html/css, artwork, and blog content. They may all be freely used for any purpose with or without attribution.

The exceptions to this include: